Monday, 3 March 2014

Improvements made to my video.

 I have made improvements to my video as people suggested I should do so in order to keep my video more consistent with the theme as well as the story. To do this I have shot the clips of my artist and her boyfriend outside to link in with the rest of the clips. 

I decided to keep the clips in black and white in order to keep them consistent with the shots of the photographs. I also think the black and white helps emphasise the sad side of flashing back to clips of her past. I wanted the camera to be slightly shaky when filming these clips so it looks like the camera is not supposed to be there and helps show more that it is in the past and a flash back of their memories together. 

To make the two seem more like they were in love and a strong couple I made sure when filming them again that they looked a lot more close with each other by holding hands and having shots of them hugging. This helps emphasise again the sadness of it that she loved him and makes the break up in the song more powerful.

Plans for video improvements.

 After showing several people my music video so far they all said I should improve on one thing. This was the party where my artist and her ex boyfriend are shown together.. 

They thought I should improve this by shooting the footage outside on the streets other then inside school because they believe it doesn't suit the feel of the rest of the video due to it having a very outdoorsy theme to it. I agree on the feedback I have received as I think it looks out of place also. So to improve this I am going to reshoot the footage of the couple but outside to keep it more consistent.